Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What's Your Style - Learning-wise?

What's your style?  A learning styles questionnaire can give you some answers.  I took a few in researching this post. the VARK questionnaire says that I take in information best by reading. Next to that, I learn visually or kinesthetically. This information came as something of a surprise.  It goes counter to some of my own thoughts of how I learn, but it could make a tutor and learner think about past learning experiences in a new light.  

Another test from the website Edutopia asks questions about how you prefer to learn things and what kinds of activities you enjoy.  For instance it asks how much time you spend "getting lost in a book...writing a journal...yearning to get close to nature" and so on. Other questions begin, "How keen would you be to...?" and "When you're in a group, how often do you find yourself...?"

Indiana University South Bend offers a Barsch learning styles inventory here:  It works with pull down menus and all the questions as whether you do an activity"sometimes, seldom" or "often." Interestingly, of the several assessments I have taken many ask whether I "Bear down extremely hard when writing."  What's that all about?  According to Barsch inventory, I learn almost equally well by visually, aurally or kinesthetically.

Give a learning styles assessment a try. You may be able to do one in less than ten minutes. It is at the very least the source of an interesting conversation with some vocabulary it could be helpful to learn.  It could form the start of a lesson about giving personal information about yourself.  It could also be part of a career portfolio project.  You will find several assessments at the delicious website: Have fun!

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