Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Teaching Irregular Past Tense with a Concentration Game

When we teach English, we like to make it free-spirited and communicative. Some things, however, just need to be memorized. In English, that includes irregular past-tense verbs: take and took or make and made.

Memorizing takes time and effort, but nowhere in the English Teacher Field Manual does it say that it can't be fun. Take the memory game 'Concentration.' Do you remember that game? Here's a variation: two players spread a deck of cards face down on a table. Then they take turns overturning two cards, trying to form pairs of present- and past-tense form of any verb. The one who makes the most pairs wins.

Click on the picture at the right for a table with irregular past tense verbs in English. It is a seven-page Word document that you can print on paper or card stock. Cut out the cards and play 'Concentration' with your learner.

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