Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Today I give you one bookmark for future use: http://delicious.com/Literacy_Network.

Delicious.com is a website that makes internet bookmarks portable, so you can bring them wherever you plan or teach lessons. In this case you are getting my bookmarks--all of them. Here you will find links to 62 helpful websites that I use every day to find resources for tutors. These include multimedia sites, games, free worksheets, grammar handouts and even the Literacy Network feedback form (please remember to do one every month).
You can use the Delicious link in a library where you tutor, at home, on the road or anywhere you can get to a computer with internet access. The site has navigation tabs that you can see in the illustration above. Click on the picture and you will be directed to Literacy Network's
Delicious page.

The pulldown menu on the right marked Tags is especially meaningful. Tags are key words that help you find specific items. For instance, one site has information on how to make a phonics game. Attached to that bookmark are the tags
literacy, onset, rime, game and phonics. You can search for information among the tags and bookmarks. In addition to tags, you can read a brief abstract of what you will find if you click the link. Here is an example:

Azar Grammar Exchange Companion site to the grammar bible used by tutors
& teachers worldwide. Worksheets, resources, FAQs and questions answered.
grammar exchange work sheets books ESL Azar

Delicious gives you instant access to many of the resources we use to help tutors with lesson planning. The list can and will grow. In fact, it grew while I was writing this message. When you tell me about sites you like, I will add them to our library of links. I admit that I am new to Delicious; please advise me if you find any problems. I hope you find it helpful.
Until next time, thanks for teaching someone.

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