Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Learning Style Quiz

A little bit of experience in teaching people language skills makes it very clear that human beings have wide diversity in learning styles. Thinking about the different ways in which human brains can work--well, it staggers the brain. Recently I got a message from Literacy Network Tutor Jeanie Bettner, who had just begun working with her learner. Interested in finding out how best to teach her, she found a way to learn more about he learner's learning style. Jeanie wrote,

I had her complete an online quiz (found at the Slingerland Method website) that helps reveal what type of learner you are
(visual, auditory or tactile) to help me get a better idea of how to form my
lessons for her.

Everybody's brain is wired differently. My four-year-old son Simon, also a tactile learner, likes to model a letter 'S' as big as his arm in Play Doh (we make our own, so there's always a bucket of it around) and asks me what starts with 'S.' He knows that his name does. He just wants to make me say it.

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