Tuesday, May 21, 2013

American Slang From 'Airhead' to 'Zapped'

Here is a website to help you introduce slang expressions to your learner: www.manythings.org/slang/. You should be able to find a wide range of reasonably up-to-date slang, plus a few slightly dated expressions. But, while chintzy  and collar are words you'd more likely hear in a gangster movie than in a 21st century street, others like glitch, couch potato and veg out are still au courant. As you may see in the screen capture below, the entries are listed alphabetically, and anyone who wants to teach him- or herself some slang can make an educated guess about the meaning of the word from the context of an example sentence. If they still need help, they may click on the arrow where it says "Meaning" to get a short, simple definition.
As always with new vocabulary, you may start by explaining the word with a simple definition, which this site gives you. Then model the word for your learner, coming up with a good example. Then, through guided practice, work together with your learner to create more examples. Finally, apply the word to your learner's own life experience:  "Do you like to get wired before you go to work? Are your kids wired after eating Lucky Charms?" and so on.

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