Friday, April 26, 2013

Study + Exploration + Cooking Spray = Learning

Here's a great idea for any tutor:  combine book work and traditional study activities with easy field trips and practical experiences, both in the community and in the home. Kudos to tutor Susan Elias for bringing us this story of  learning-by-doing.
I am so lucky to be partnered up with T___. We are having so much fun!
I went to Barnes & Noble and got some additional workbook and activity stuff on ESL teaching so T___ and I spend some time working through various exercises to help her with to be verbs, questions, and so forth...

One of our 2 days/week together we go somewhere or do something interesting and fun to [talk about ]. Yesterday, for example, we baked muffins at my house to split so she could take some home. She does not know the English names of many cooking/baking tools but has grown up and spent her life cooking and cleaning so she is very interested in learning about them and their names. She flipped out when she saw how Pam works! We went to Metcalf's one day to check out all of the cleaning supplies. She does not know what a lot of them are and thinks they are so cool, like SOS pads.

We talk and talk plus do drills in workbooks so I think her English is improving but I really don't know yet. Her daughter says it is.

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