Tuesday, August 7, 2012

TV 411 for Information

Executive Director Jeff Burkhart brought a great resource to my attention today. "The TV411 series is really great," he wrote, "and it is suggested for people working on their GED, but it is also appropriate for higher level ESL students." 

The on-line videos offer concrete lessons in skills that struggling new readers can use in their everyday lives.  One video I watched taught how to write a difficult personal letter and featured a young man writing his absent father to ask for a family heirloom to wear at his upcoming wedding. Genuine emotional content adds power to the practical life skills and basic literacy lessons. 

Other videos teach how to build vocabulary using a dictionary and thesaurus. Writing videos teach skills that perplex experienced writers, for instance how to use apostrophes for singular and plural nouns. The links below will take you to the site where you will find over 70 videos on reading and writing alone. 

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