Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kathi Ashmore asked a question recently that sent me scrambling for an answer. For asking a great question she receives the Favorite Tutor of the Week award. Her question:

"My student recently purchased an iPod and is interested in finding out if there are any ESL books that might have pronunciation exercises or listening exercises that she could load onto her iPod. Do you know of any?"

Wow, great idea!! And I rarely use double exclamation points. Yes. I can think of a place she can look. Here’s a good free site: It’s the English Language Listening& Learning organization and it has over a thousand conversations on a wide variety of topics for listening. It was the first thought that came to mind. When I was there I saw a link for A quick search there turned up this book: Pronunciation In English by Kathy Hans. It’s a pronunciation book that’s listed as free. When I searched the term “ESL” many books turned up at prices well under ten dollars.

This website: has links to several listening sites you can visit. The very first one listed there is a podcast site.Further down you’ll see the BBC’s site, also a rich lode of learning opportunity.

I really have to get one of those iPod thingies that all the kids are playing with.

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