Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One Tutor's Blog

Debbie Lloyd just started as a tutor with Literacy Network and has just started her own blog about day-to-day work helping someone learn to speak English. Debbie Lloyd wrote me today, saying

Hi Brian,
I think things are going very well. We've met three times and emailed back and forth during the week we couldn't meet. She's so eager to learn and works so hard. I've given her "homework" each time and she's attempted all of it. Your Bookmarks have been very helpful. I've set up a blog ( to keep track of our progress and to make the links easier for her to access. Our goals and tasks have become more refined. I'm trying to mix her interests, her goals, and a bit of fun with each lesson.
Looking forward to working with her for another 5 months,

Please pay the site a visit. Quite a few new tutors have come through training this Fall. Debbie's blog gives you a chance to see what is working for someone who is doing the same thing you are. All of you tutors—you're not alone out there. Here's another chance to share the experience.

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