Thursday, January 22, 2009

License to Read

Barbara Huntington from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) sends a link to a site with information that tutors might want to share with learners who want to get their driver’s licenses. Getting a license is one of the most common goals that learners report to us. Barbara writes,

DOT [Wisconsin Department of Transportation] has a modified version of the Wisconsin Driver’s Book. You can download it at: the Wis - DOT website. I think it has more illustrations than the regular one and the vocabulary is simplified.

But what is even better, is that DOT has oral versions of the text so that people can listen as they read along with the book. They can listen to the text chapter by chapter if they go to: These files can be listened to on line, or downloaded and used on and MP3 player.

Both are free. I think these might be of great help to many students who want to get a driver's license, but find the reading level of the regular manual too taxing.

Here is a small excerpt from the manual, showing the simple language and helpful imagery.

Controlled Intersections

Intersections with stop signs at all corners (4-way stop) are called controlled intersections. The first driver to get there has the right-of-way. If two or more drivers get there at the same time, the driver to your right can go first.

I had always wondered what the rule was about that situation. This clears it right up.

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