Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Multi Sensory Resource

The technical tip part of this week's message was given to me by Francisca Welch, a new tutor to us and an experienced Montessori teacher. She showed me where to find templates for letters that tutors can cut out of sandpaper to make multi-sensory teaching materials. Learners can use these letters to practice tracing them with their fingertips in order to get the sense of touch involved. Imagine yourself and your learner making the sounds of the letters at the same time as you touch their textured surfaces. The connection of touch and sound input at the same time helps learners get a better feel for the relationship of the letter to its sounds. She downloads these for free at the website montesorrimaterials.org. You will find many useful thing there that are not strictly phonics related, too. There is a list of US Presidents that could be useful for ESL learners studying civics. Math materials are there too. And very interestingly, there is a list of homophones, words like pear and pair that many tutors have asked me about. Enjoy! Thanks for being a tutor.

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