Wednesday, April 4, 2007

An Inexpensive Resuorce: "Bob Books"

Literacy Network Tutor Connie Gruen reminded me of a low-cost resource for teaching phonics, the very popular “Bob Books.” Connie writes, “I used Bob Books with my learner—all the boxed sets….[they are] good because they isolate sounds, start with most common, and have simple pictures that correspond to text.”

Bob books are available at common outlets such as Amazon and Borders Books. You can buy one of the boxed sets pictured below for something in the neighborhood of $10 to $15 at Amazon. The sentences stick to a specific phonics concept. Looking at the illustrations you can see that they are clearly made for children, which may be inappropriate for some adult learners, but do not rule them out without taking a look at them. Connie is not the only tutor who says that this issue never even comes up when she uses the books. For beginning readers Bob may be the best thing you can use at the lowest price you can find. They’re worth a look. (more below)

Thanks, Connie! And remember to bookmark the blog, especially of you don’t always receive my e-mail messages. You’ll find announcements of two upcoming in-service workshops on the right side of the page. Please keep in touch. I enjoy getting your questions and hearing about your new ideas.

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